Saturday, January 12, 2013

The red flag email that will make you an FBI celebrity

Dear Ahmed,
I’m sitting here gazing up at a cloudy gray area of the sky wondering how to cover up this blemish that I have on my nose.  As a dermatologist, I thought you might have an idea of what I could use so nobody will find out that I’ve broken out again like a teenager.  If you do not volunteer the information, I’ll probably have to see a specialist. 
Up until yesterday, I’ve been using Clearasil on it but I realized that I can write off that failed investment of $4.99 because it didn’t work. 
I wasn’t able to use the cream you prescribed for me last week because I put the jar on top of some books at my parents’ house and wouldn’t you know it, I bumped into the table that those books were sitting on and a jar fell off the books and onto the floor and broke. 
My parents said that since I loaned them $20 last month, they would be happy to pay for a new prescription because they owe it to me. But I told them I wasn’t sure if it was not ethical to provide the medication again so soon.
Anyway, if you can call me on that, please call in the Walgreens at Fourth and Main as I have found that that to get the one on 29th and Main, you have to make an illegal U‑turn at the light, and I don’t want to do that. 
Thanks again.  Whatever you can do, Dr. Ahmed.
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Project |

The Project | TheBlaze.comTo stay uninformed does not mean you don't play the game, it means you are the pawn. I'm watching
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anyone but Allen in VA today!

Virginia, Stand and be counted! Stop the establishment republicans from mowing down the grass roots. Vote today no matter your party & no matter for whom, just ANYONE BUT ALLEN!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Brett Kimberlin: America's Kony

Brett Kimberlin: Meet the Soros-Funded Domestic Who Is Terrorizing Bloggers Into Silence | Video | "Be prepared to enter an alternate universe, bizarre beyond any stretch of what you thought possible. And then keep reading, because this may be one of the most important exposés published on The Blaze to date. It will explain in frightening detail what it means to speak the truth at the expense of losing all you hold dear. And will reveal how easy it has been for one convicted domestic terrorist — backed by George Soros and Barbara Streisand alike — to use the U.S. legal system, as well as less desirable channels, to silence those who have dared tell the story of one Brett Kimberlin, a.k.a. the “Speedway Bomber.”"

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sukey - Keeping demonstrators safe, mobile & informed.

Sukey - Keeping demonstrators safe, mobile & informed.: "Sukey, New York, MayDay 2012

Some of the Sukey team have come over to New York in order to help with communications this MayDay. We have customized our little webapp to help you keep track of what’s going on during May 1st. We have put together a map of all the published actions and marches and will publish more information throughout the day via Twitter and on the map itself.

View on your smartphone to keep you safe, mobile and informed and for a timely overview of what’s happening on the ground. Tweet with #sukeynyc to send us reports, photos or videos – or submit a report to Sukey directly, when you click on the dinosaur head to bring up a menu and then select the reporting tool."

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012 Occupy: American Spring eBook: Buck Sexton: Kindle Store Occupy: American Spring eBook: Buck Sexton: Kindle Store: "Occupy Wall Street (OWS) became the biggest news story in the world during the fall of 2011. Under the banner of the “99%”, the Occupiers spread their message of class warfare and revolution across the globe. Using cutting-edge digital media propaganda combined with the street protest strategies honed by 1960s radicals, OWS has already changed our political system.

Now they seek to change our future.

The American Spring has arrived. The Occupiers plan to dominate news headlines by using direct action protests across the country during this pivotal presidential election year. They intend to take to the streets in every major U.S. city. The stakes could not be higher.

Buck Sexton, a former CIA counterterrorism and counterinsurgency analyst, has covered the Occupiers from the start. ... With a focus on history, ideology and tactics, Sexton breaks down OWS — and its plans for reshaping America."

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