Occupy the Middle Ground

No matter who, no matter how extreme the differences, together we can discover the

 true middle ground!

What is it?
True Middle Ground is about the belief that there exists a true middle ground on every issue that matters.  That is to say there is a point at which practically all of us can agree.  At first glance you may say, "that can't be possible," but if it's not possible than why would you anyone even try to make their case and persuade others.  As it turns out, the middle ground does exist and what is more, it has not moved.  

So often we speak about finding the middle ground. In fact many think we should find the middle ground somewhere between the two polar extremes, and that depending on the latest extreme we may have to compromise more in order to reach "middle ground."  However, a middle ground that is constantly moving would be worthless and is not a true middle ground.

Well it just so happens that as you cross the water to the beginning of Virginia's peninsula you will see a light that marks a small rise in the center of Hampton Roads.  Its name is the Middle Ground Light.  It is an all red caisson lighthouse that, when first established around 1890, gave off a fixed steady white light to guide ships in Hampton Roads waters. This is the kind of "middle ground" we must use to guide us on our interaction with our community.

What is it good for?

The only meaningful middle ground must be a permanently fixed point that all members of a community can agree upon. Once we recognize this fixed point, we can then use it as a guide or rule that the community will follow.  Find all of those points of agreement in a given community and you've created a constitution, or the set of laws that the community can follow.

This is not a new concept, in fact it is our default behavior in forming or joining communities.  We join clubs for example based on interests we have in common.  But what happens when the members of the community are not completely of our choosing, such as occupational or geographical associations?  It is in these situations it becomes more necessarily to find and establish that middle ground.

Is it the same middle ground for every group and every issue?

No, for any issue there may not be a middle ground but for every group or community of people there is!  The larger the community, the smaller the middle ground is likely to be.  However if the members of the community are set, (as in no one is leaving the group,) than the issue can be divided up until middle ground is found in the sub-issues. 

Do we give up or give in on principle?

So what if a community cannot agree on an issue?  If nothing else, the community can agree to not address the issue and leave it up to other communities to handle in there own way.

So what? Will this give us world peace?

YES!  That is the idea, to be able to get along and do right by our fellow man.  So lets get started.  See the plan of action, then help us establish our own middle ground rules of discourse. Next, solve world peace one idea at a time.  

The Plan to Occupy the Middle Ground: 
  • First visit True Middle Ground's Civil Discourse page.  Here we can establish for our community what is meant by civil discourse and agree upon a way of communication that will be productive.
  • Then start sharing ideas and choosing which ones you can agree with. 
    • In the United States of America community page we will revisit the Original Argument that brought the whole nation into agreement on a set of rules that would work to function as one country while also protecting our individual liberty.
    • In the World Peace community page we can tackle similar broad issues that apply to all mankind but possibly a harder to get to, smaller, middle ground.
    • Then in the My Communities section it is open for you to use Google Moderator to apply this same model of a true middle ground to any other community you are a part of.