Sunday, February 19, 2012

Runaway Slave - The Documentary Movie

Runaway Slave - The Documentary Movie: "...a new documentary about freedom. Runaway Slave exposes the economic slavery of the black community to the Progressive, big government policies of the U.S. government. The film’s heroes are black conservatives who are speaking out so that all Americans can truly be “free at last.”"

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Why I occupy… « the middle ground

Why I occupy… « the middle ground: "To set up a system is to go against nature and humanity’s better nature."

In response to this article I wrote...

I understand some of your reasoning. I can appreciate the frustration too. The ugly truth about a public movement is that first you get noticed, then you still have to fight to be heard. Once you have been heard you then will have to fight to make real change. Then each change must be defended with vigilance as you fight for the next one. Welcome to the real world. Count it as a positive step that at least you've been noticed.

What I don't see is where you would like to take this. That is, what is the solution? If you are able to recognize that, to not participate in a system does not change the system and even anarchy or chaos is a system of government, then how would a system of government that doesn't "go against nature and humanity's better nature" work? After all isn't this question at the heart of any political reform movement?

We must first come to an agreement of what does it mean to not go against nature and humanity's better nature. The first part may be easy enough: be caretakers of this world, protecting and preserving it as much as possible while respecting the second part, humanity's better nature. That second part is the key. I think part of our better nature is to be good stewards of our world, but what is our nature and if a system of government is to not go against the better parts of that nature then maybe we should define those rights that the government is to preserve and protect.

If we are going to allow a government any power, considering some bad parts of human nature, we should give the government the power to protect our life.

I think you hit on one of those good parts of human nature when you say "To set up a system is to go against nature and humanity’s better nature." It's the age old yearning of everyone to be free from an oppressive system. That is to say LIBERTY is one of those good parts of our nature. That's why if a government is to preserve that right, government must stay out of our way. Government must leave us to pursue our own way to happiness and be limited to the preservation of the rights we already have as part of our nature.

As individuals in this movement, we need to sort out our own human nature. Identify and separate the good and the bad. We must take the time to learn the truth, know what makes sense and what is just emotion. Emotions can be stirred by others and if we cannot apply reason we can be manipulated to act out of the worst parts of our nature. Let go of the hate and act out of love.

When you let go of the hate you must not let go of the passion. We can't in good conscience see an injustice in the world, shout about it and then go home. To do so would be to ignore the very best of your own nature, to create a better world.

Alexander of York
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

» Senator Roy Blunt Vows to Fight Obamacare’s Anti-Conscience Mandate - Big Government

Stop the attack on freedom of religion. Stop the government from prohibiting the free exercise of religion by forcing citizens to paying for something that they they believe is ethically wrong. Specifically addressed in the Blunt amendment is the right for the members and organization run by members of the Catholic Church not to pay for or provide contraception benefits which is established in their doctrine as morally wrong. Support the Blunt amendment to the transportation bill!

Monday, February 6, 2012

New initiative launched against federal contraception rules :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

THIS is the real purpose of separation of church and state. The military has even gagged it's priests from speaking on the issue! Are they coming for you next?
New initiative launched against federal contraception rules :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)