Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What happens after the Occupation?

What will we get after the occupation?  Have your benefactors given you the rest of the plan?  I say revolt from your hippy puppeteers and Occupy the GOP.  Put Ron Paul in the white-house and and actually go after the banker!

Ask yourself, If the bankers are really to blame, why isn't the current Justice Office going after them?  Why doesn't the current administration prosecute?  Why won't they even look at the books?  They think you are too dumb to ask even these basic questions.  They think you will be fine with destruction of the system and not hold anyone accountable.  They are counting on you to not vote or to vote in the same politicians that are benefiting from the system and will benefit more if you give them more power.

One thing they would never expect is for you to actually start to fix some of the problem and nominate that crazy Ron Paul whom they have ignored for decades.

I'm not just suggesting this to "stick it to the man" or to take down or take over the Republican Party, nor am I saying it because it's the most radical act that opposes every bastion of power that exists today including both political parties and the entire banking system.  Even though all of those things are true, the reason I suggest this is because it's a major step toward returning us to a system of self governance where the power resides in the people first and foremost.

Here's what you get for your vote: Ron Paul's plan

Sunday, October 9, 2011

1st Step toward the solution: Occupy GOP!

You've just occupied Wall Street. What's next? Going to Disney Land?  Going home now? Back to college or your mom's basement?  Done your part as a useful idiot to tear down the system?
The backers of this "grassroots" movement will tell you that the only option is destruction!
They feed your anger until you are willing to say;

  • Destroy the banks!  I don't need your loans.
  • Destroy the rich!  I don't need your jobs.
  • Destroy capitalism!  I don't need to profit.
  • Destroy the dollar!  I don't need my savings.
  • Destroy the republic!  I don't need my freedom.
OR, you can choose to actually fix things.  Let them know you are not just puppets of the wealthy and powerful organizers of "Occupy Wall Street" you think for yourself. You choose to actually make use of your numbers to make real change.  You choose not to prop up the same old progressive power elites that want to keep you dependent on big government.  Let them know that you are done being the poster child of victimhood in their political game. Let them know you are not the vicarious puppet of some aging hippy.

Say to them:
  • We do not occupy Wall Street to cry about our problems. 
  • We do not occupy Wall Street to beg for a solution.  
  • We occupy Wall Street to provide the solution!
  • We are the solution!
Now lets talk about the plan.  Real steps that we can take toward solving the problems we face.
If we agree that the banks are part of our problem, we need a government that will act on our behalf rather than collude with big banks against us.  That is something we can fix by getting someone in the white house that will audit the Fed. investigate bankers and prosecute those who break the law. This is possible but we have to be willing to stand up to even the powerful backers and union bosses.  There is no way right now to truly occupy the democrat party but we can occupy the GOP!

So here's the plan:
  1. First, occupy GOP
  2. Nominate Ron Paul
  3. Next, we occupy the vote in 2012!
  4. Prosecute the rich that don't pay their taxes.
  5. Audit the Federal Reserve.
  6. Prosecute any Bankers we find that have broken any law.
  7. Close the Federal Reserve Banking system.
If we are going to do this lets OCCUPY it!  This is not your father's hippy protest.  This is OCCUPY the VOTE!