The goal of Occupy the Vote is to promote dialogue and to capitalize on the power and momentum of Occupy movement to transcend the manipulations of the powerful elite toward positive action and real solutions.  One of the most powerful way to accomplish change is simply by voting. Voter turnout in the United States is among the lowest anywhere democratic elections are held.  This means it would not be difficult to truly change things for the better.  If we participate in every election possible and disregard the party labels and marching orders from the talking heads, we can instead focus on real issues that matter to us.

Vote, but do not vote blind!  To Occupy the Vote is to do so as informed clear headed reasoned individuals. Avoid the things that can cloud judgment:

  • Hate is a most powerful antigen to reason
  • Labels, especially when placed on others, tend to distort the truth.  Avoid using labels to describe others or speak of whole groups of people as if they were one entity.
  • Blame is only of any use if it establishes a case of cause and effect, otherwise it's just a tool to divert attention away from the solution.

The power of a collective is lent from the individuals.  We can only stay strong as a collective if we keep from oppressing the individuals among us. This is done by respecting the rights of others.  In a democracy you are able to vote to usurp the rights of the minority.  In order to form solutions that last we must remember why we are a republic and we must find solutions that respect the rights of everyone.

If this sounds reasonable to you and you would like to help fix the world, contact us at iWill@OccupyTheVote.org and ask how you can join the team.

For questions about the OccupyTheVote organization or the website contact team@OccupyTheVote.org


  1. Hello,

    I have an idea to use the momentum of the Occupy Movement to make a sweeping change next year that could happen very easily.

    I will help make the page. I can also get more help.

    The plan is to take over the vote in next year's elections.

    The basic idea is to elect out all Democrats and Republicans next year from the Senate and Congress.

    This can happen for a few reasons.

    1) Independents out number the GOP and the Democrats.
    2) The Occupy movement has united many of these Independents.
    3) This long range plan would pull in more Independents who are on the fence for their "lack of focus" on the movement. I don't believe that, but it is out there.

    This hasn't happened in the past because people have felt like they have thrown away their vote.
    Another reason is they feel if they vote for a 3rd party, the other "more evil" party will win because their votes were drained off.

    By having a poll of some sort on a website, people will be able to see the numbers of other people willing to vote 3rd party and it will serves as a guide for who we
    concentrate our votes on election day. The candidate with the most votes will get all of our efforts.

    Anyone on the site will be able to click on their region to see who they can vote for.

    Doing this now could encourage 3rd party candidates to enter the race who were not going to run.

    What do you think?

    1. This was the genesis of i.OccupyTheVote.org an open forum in which YOU can choose the race and vote out the politician and replace him with a public servant. See the plan at http://i.OccupyTheVote.org/home and then OCCUPY THE VOTE!